Striving for Excellence


The staff and students of St. Cuan’s College are known for their continuous pursuit of excellence.  In our school every child is afforded the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Academic Excellence

 St. Cuan’s College believes in holding high expectations of its students in the knowledge that students perform better when they know that teachers and parents believe in them.  All subjects are taught at higher level at Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. Students are encouraged to aim high and achieve their best.

The College consistently holds a very high rate of entry to third level colleges. In 2014 of the 42 students who sat Leaving Cert, 87% went on to third level education. We pride ourselves in our student’s success.

The staff of St. Cuan’s College are very professional and highly trained.  There is a huge emphasis on up-skilling and continuous professional development.  This was reflected in the Department of Education report of our Whole School Evaluation which took place last year.

Special Educational Needs

 Where students have special educational needs, there is a dynamic and pro-active SEN team headed by co-ordinator Ms Edel Kelly.  This team will support your child in every possible way.

The SEN team is very dedicated in its work and over the last number of years we have developed resource materials that are of exceptional quality. The college is mindful of multiple intelligences in its teaching and utilises varying stimuli and materials to bring each child’s learning experience to life.












Quote:   “The whole purpose of education is to turn Mirrors into Windows”